Dynamite Projects presents an exhibition of painting and sculpture by 24 young artists  




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Private View

29th May 19.00 - 23.00

with bar and coffeECO stall


30th May - 7th June 2015

12.00 - 19.00


...and by appointment

firesalef deathrides

20th April - 15th May 2016

Wall of Sound

Ralph Hunter-Menzies

Dynamite Projects is very pleased to present the first solo exhibition of paintings by Ralph Hunter-Menzies


Ralph Hunter-Menzies b.1988 is a painter and a drummer.  

He's been living in a tent, inside the warehouse of Dynamite Projects for over a year. Each day he is woken by the sound of compressors, engine revving and shouts of “BANG haha oi oi!!”.  He falls asleep as thundering freight trains shake the mezzanine his tent rests on. The studio life isn’t smooth but he isn’t a cool kid - he’s rock and roll. In the morning, cars drift into the mechanics next door and fumes start to fill his own space. He pulls open the shutters and puts the coffee on


Ralph’s studio sounds of heavy metal, 60’s ballads and occasional classical interventions. He washes a previous layer of paint marks from one panel while adding paper to another, shredding it like the guitar solos in his 80’s hair metal tracks.  He peels back layers and applies new ones with different processes, separate instruments. A painting can seemingly reach crescendo only to be pulled back to work with new process radically changing the tempo. Ralph keeps building layers but drums to a different beat each time


Satisfaction is reached once disparate layers meet in hectic harmony  


It’s a long night that Hunter-Menzies works into and through it his industrial estate is visited by busses, cars and groups who use the toilets for drugs and more. Cars wheelspin past and women scream in a way that is troubling, hard to discern from crime or play.  Sometimes there is a crash on the corner of the street near the bridge or an argument that develops into something requiring intervention. He’ll ponder calling the police then fall asleep to dream of paint and improvised percussion sounds... again




detail from Death Rides, 81x70cm, 2016

Glorious Abandon

Dynamite Projects presents a display of contemporary baroque


James Balmforth

Gareth Cadwallader

Tomo Campbell

Nathan Cash Davidson

Bobby Dowler

Jade Fadojutimi

Count Glendenberg

Christopher Green

Kate Groobey

Marie Jacotey

Catherine Leon

Shaun McDowell

Sofia Silva

Louise Thomas

Lara Viana

Hugo Wilson



private view Tuesday 19th April 7-10pm

20th April - 15th May 2016

private view 19th April 7-10pm


Christopher Green  

Music for Chambers / Paintings for a Chamber

acrylic, iridescent medium, painted papers on birch panel

each panel 25.3 x 4.7 x 1.8 cm